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From Ballet to contemporary. From contemporary to Argentinian Tango, Chinese, yoga, Folk and Character. Dancing from the bottom of her heart is essential after all. Coral's Choreographies focus on the tension created between movement and space, and explore how its impact resonates with the audience. She expresses emotions, memories and life experiences through the character’s bodies. Her interest in use of Chinese and English languages reminds herself of her origin, nation and cultural perspective. Meanwhile it also inspires her to employ diverse daily-life elements including literal works, objects, conversations and visual effects.

On Stage

On Stage
Dance - a simple process, revealing what is best and most beautiful in ones own nature. Audience is not sitting out of the story, but is brought into the journey, recalling lost memories, nurturing hopes and sentiments long buried in oblivion. Affection, comfort, conflict, agitation – an intricate sense of tension retains between movement and space.

Choreography List

8 Feb 2008


  • “ ……something of the miracle that is a human being, motivated, disciplined concentrated.” Martha Graham

  • “ The Dance is motion, which is life, beauty, which is love, proportion, which is power. To Dance is to live life in its finer and higher vibrations, to live life harmonized, purified, controlled. To dance is to feel one's self actually a part of the cosmic world, rooted in the inner reality of spiritual being.” Ruth St. Denis

  • “ The eternal desire of the soul is the greatest argument for the value of “constants” in art . For in art we create our ideal worlds, and in the ideal world of the universal man, there are constant, enduring and never-changing qualities. In relation to the dance, these constants have two aspects: the physical and spiritual.” Ted Shawn

  • “The constant of beauty, ease, proportion, vitality, technical mastery, of the communication of ecstasy to the beholder, are within one’s body-soul.” Ted Shawn

  • Improvisation – “he must acquire a rich vocabulary of a pleasant and exciting conversation, never stopping to think what word to use, nor how to form his sentence grammatically. ……..administered to himself a more severe discipline.” Ted Shawn